Optimum GICs are a guaranteed investment and with Omnia Direct, you'll earn much more than from a bank.

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is an investment that offers a guaranteed rate of return over a specific period of time. A GIC is perfect way to invest and earn interest. Why risk your money in the market, when you can guarantee your return? Start earning more today with an Optimum GIC.

How To Open An Online Investment Account With Omnia Direct

Sign UP

Sign up through the secure Omnia Direct mobile-friendly website. Simply click on the Join Now button to start the process.


Your account will be activated upon receiept of your deposit cheque.


Once your application is verified and approved, check your inbox for a welcome email and start earning a great interest rate!

It's So Easy!

  1. Pre-printed cheque with the same name(s) that were entered on the application.
  2. Dated with current date.
  3. Pay to the order of 'your own name'.
  4. Amount inputted in the application that you want to invest.
  5. Reference the account number provided to you.
  6. Sign the cheque.
  7. Ensure cheque is issued by a Canadian financial institution.